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Training tool for diagnostic skills
Expert system for travel-related fever

Kabisa, a computer based tutorial for tropical and subtropical medicine, has been in development since 1992. The first version was built using foxpro, the second using C++, the third and fourth using MS Access XP, and the last using Delphi.

For developing countries it is a didactic tool that challenges the student with cases electronically assembled from a randomly generated disease and randomly chosen related presenting symptoms.

The student should find the diagnosis with a set of disease characteristics, available in the context of a hospital in developing countries. The logical engine is based upon both pattern recognition and Bayesian logic.

For a Western context, the programme also offers an expert system for imported fever, based on a prospectively generated database of over 2000 patients. The expert module is innovative with the suggestion of new tests based on the data already provided by the user.

In this suggestion, a threshold driven logic is followed: for the highest ranked diagnosis strong excluders are asked for, once this diagnosis is worked out less probable hypotheses are examined as well. Ranking of suggested tests takes into account power, feasibility, risk and cost.


Download the programme using the above button (click “run” instead of “save”). The program will be automatically installed, together with the images database and a desktop icon.

To start Kabisa V, use the desktop icon. You can also find the application in the Programs menu. Use the Start button and click '(All) Programs'.


Currently, we do not have an upgrade available for an already installed version of Kabisa. We hope to have one available soon (June 2012)..

Frequently asked question

If you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQ before contacting us for technical support.

Who has been involved in Kabisa ?

  • The software has been written by Luc Kestens, PhD, Koenraad Blot, MD, Stefano Laganà, Rik Van Hauwe.
  • The logic has been developed by Jef Van den Ende, Luc Kestens, Koenraad Blot and Zeno Bisoffi.
  • The images have been brought together and processed by Erwin Van den Enden.
  • The implementation in actual pedagogy has been organised by Louis Vermeulen.
  • Conceptual support by Jef Van den Ende.
  • Technical support by Joseph Assayag. (Read the FAQ before contacting us.)
  • The Institute of Tropical Medicine and the Belgian Development Cooperation have provided financial support.

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